Friday, December 18, 2009

Top Movies of 2009 - #10 - The Shonen Merikensack

Coming in at #10 this year is Japanese director Kankuro Kudo's comedy, "The Shonen Merikensack" which Roughly translated means, "The Brass Knuckle Kids."

It is the story of a record company office worker named Kanna (Aoi Miyazaki) who discovers a punk rock band called Shonen Meriken Sakku (Brass Knuckle Boys) through the internet and subsequently decides to represent them on behalf of her company. What Kanna did not know was that the Brass Knuckle Boys consists of all middle aged men.

This film is yet to be released in America, but the DVD and region free Blu Ray can be found on websites like Amazon JP, and CDJapan.

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